Friday, February 27, 2009

Why the simple ceremony?

In my younger days, I wanted to be like what every woman dreamed to be. A bride in a long gown, with a long veil, walking down the long red-carpeted aisle, with every person I know filling all the pews in the church.

Years after, I never knew I would want to get married in a simple ceremony, with just families and closest friends as witnesses.

That's what Deck and I decided upon, we wanted the ceremony to be intimate. We do not want a grand event where you don't know more than half of your guests, where most would have a negative comment on your wedding details. We just wanted to be married and to start our new life together. The long gown, the long veil, the red-carpeted aisle and the hundreds of guests - all of these are just minor details compared to the true essence of getting married - To be married to the one you love, the one you couldn't live without and begin a lifetime of togetherness. Cheers!

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