Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Our Kidzania Manila Experience

A year ago, my cousins and I planned a trip to Kidzania Manila. Everybody enjoyed the experience, even the adults so we planned another trip this year and hopefully it will be an annual bonding thing for the kids and us.

August 2016 - Their first Kidzania Trip

This year, my husband wasn't able to come since he had to stay home with Jeron, who is still too young for Kidzania. So, Johan and I rode a van to Alabang to meet up with my cousin's family and we all went together to Kidzania.

Johan while waiting

We agreed to meet with the rest of our relatives at 9 am so we could all have a heavy breakfast to energize us for an entire day of fun. The kids are getting pretty hyped up, so as soon as everybody's done with their meals, off we went to Kidzania.

2nd and 3rd generations of Barangay Tan

We went on a Sunday, September 17, 2017. The lines to the check in counters were not that long when we went in. We were immediately assisted to a counter where everybody were given RFID bracelets. Each child and his/her guardian will be given matching RFID bracelets and Kidzania will not allow a child to leave the premises without the registered guardian.

RFID bracelets

Kidzania is really huge and it's so easy to get lost so I suggest you get a map and familiarize yourself with all the attractions and their locations. Johan could not decide which attraction to do first.

He's better at map reading than I am

He already experienced how to be a Fireman and a Pilot the first time that we went there so those two were off his list this time. We went up the stairs and passed by the Clean Energy Conservation. He got so interested with all the knobs and buttons that he decided to make it his first activity.

On the job trainee for Energy Conservation

There are a lot of attractions in Kidzania where the kids will learn food preparation. Johan and his cousins already tried Goldilocks last year where they personalized some Mamons, his cousins were able to try Yellowcab this year and they all got the pizzas that they made. Johan was not interested in making pizza so we skipped that. But he and his cousin, Jared went to Magnolia to learn how ice cream is made.

Listening intently

Johan and Jared enjoying their ice cream

It was so hard keeping up with everybody because the kids have different interests! There were a few times that we bumped with the rest of our group but most times it was just me and Johan walking around until we find an activity that interests him. The driving area at the Shell Gas Station is always a hit with the kids, there will always be a line to this attraction and Johan patiently waited in line to try this again.

Driving at the Shell Station

He experienced being a painter last year so for this trip he decided to try how to be a builder instead. For this activity they were given foam bricks to put up.

Another great attraction is the Oishi station. I think these two enjoyed it mostly because of the free taste of Oishi products! According to Johan, they were asked to come up with a new Oishi product and they have to present it the staff for approval before they launch the new product.


Presenting their own Oishi product

I would have wanted him to do this with his cousins but they were nowhere in sight. So, Johan and some other kids formed a band and recorded a song. I was even given a free CD of their recording!

My drummer

We've been going back and forth the Milo Clinic attraction to catch the Basketball training but every time we went there it was either we missed it or we were too early. Finally, we were able to catch the last Basketball schedule of the day. It was Johan's last activity for but definitely the most memorable one because their team won!

This Kidzania trip was tiring but seeing the kids having fun while learning makes the the entire day of walking so worth it. I hope we could all commit to making this an annual bonding activity for the kids and the younger cousins can come join the older ones next time.

Here are more happy pictures from that day:

If you are planning a Kidzania trip, let me share some tips:
  1. Check Kidzania Manila's Facebook page or their website for current promos. We were able to avail of their August promo of Buy Two, Take Two. This promo allows you to pay for just two kid tickets and two companions come in for free. For our trip, we saved P4,620 worth of adult tickets because of this promo.
  2. Go there all days of the week except Saturdays. Why not Saturday? This is because on Saturdays, there are two shifts in Kidzania: 9am-2pm and 3pm-8pm, so you only have 5 hours to tour Kidzania on Saturdays whereas during the rest of the week there is only one shift so you  get to enjoy Kidzania for 7 hours!
  3. Leave your water bottles, selfie sticks and snacks at home. Kidzania will not allow you to bring in these items anyway. There are food concessionaires inside Kidzania where you can buy snacks, beverages and meals. 
  4. Make your kids and yourself wear comfortable shoes and clothing. You will be walking a lot while inside and bear in mind that some activities will require kids to wear sports shoes with laces, knee length or ankle length pants. Better read up on each activity requirements on the Kidzania Manila website prior to your visit.
  5. Avail of a Kidzania Pazzport as soon as you come in. The pazzport will make your kids Naturalized Citizens. Naturalized CitiZens receive a stamp on their PaZZport for each activity they complete, earn additional 2 kidZos for each salaried activity, pay less 5 kidZos when they redeem items at the Department Store, and enjoy 5% off at the National Store.
  6. Finally, have a Zaz time at Kidzania! 

For more information visit the following:

We are definitely coming back!

 Z-U again next time, Kidzania!

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