Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stuff for Baby Number 2

I'm on my last week of a two-week bedrest as advised by my OB-GYN. I had spotting two weeks ago and when we came back for another ultrasound, it appeared that the Subchorionic Hemorrhage has grown bigger instead of disappearing. My emotions are all mixed up these last few days, with worry about Baby Number 2's condition, the stress of having to render additional leaves without pay at work as I've already used up all my sick leaves while all my vacation leaves are already plotted for the rest of the year, my patience is being tested with Johan wanting me to be by his side all the time instead of letting the new yaya take care of him so I can get that much needed rest. Ahh, the joys of being a mom. :)

Anyway, to keep me sane these days, I enjoyed the pretend plays that Johan and I have shared,  I have surrendered to the great invention called cable TV, I played games on my Android phone and I window-shopped online.

With nearing four months along in this pregnancy, I thought I should be listing down all the things that we would be needing before Baby Number 2 arrives. So, here's a short list:

We definitely need a new crib. Johan's old crib was a hand-me-down from his cousin and it has long since seen it's full potential. 

With two kids soon to ride with us, a carseat is a must for the baby. Johan's at this age that he cannot sit still and has to tinker with buttons or the compartment or worse, the door so there should always be a grown up holding on to him while in the car. I simply cannot hold the baby on one arm while trying to wrestle Johan with the other. This is why a carseat is necessary.

We need more storage space for the baby's clothes. Our existing storage cabinets are nearly full and cannot simply hold any more clothes and bedsheets and towels.We really need a new one for the baby's stuff.

A bathtub for the baby. I haven't seen Johan's old one for a long time so I am guessing that it was given away or was already broken.

A bottle sterilizer. I'm looking into this Farlin brand as this is the one being used for my niece's bottles. It is also cheaper compared to other brands which is great as we do need to save as much money as we can these days.

New feeding bottles. Johan is still drinking milk from his bottles and looks like it will take a little more time before we can convince him to stop. 

For now, those are all I can think of in addition to the other necessities like towels, cloth diapers, diaper covers, baby clothes and toiletries. It's a good thing that I have stored Johan's old stroller and it is still in mint condition so there's no need for us to buy a new one, also I know that I wouldn't have a problem with regards to clothing as I have a few pieces in storage and I can easily ask my relatives for old ones.

Having a new baby surely means a lot of expenses but we know with it along comes great joy and more love for our now growing family.

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