Sunday, July 21, 2013

Johan's First Dental Visit

It's been months that I've been complaining about Johan's teeth and how at less than three years old, his front teeth are beginning to show signs of cavities. Oh yes, I do blame myself for this for not going to the dentist earlier for prevention.

I researched for pediatric dentists near our area and came across positive reviews regarding the dentists at Abesamis Dental Clinic in Festimal Supermall, Alabang and right after work one day, I went to the clinic and set an appointment for Sunday, July 14.

One thing that made me want to go here is the clinic itself. There is a small play area where the kids can stay while waiting for their turn, their walls are very colorful and adorned with cartoons and the dental chair is equipped with an LCD screen where the kids can watch their favorite programs while being treated. Add to that the friendly attitude of the staff and the surprisingly long patience of the dentists and their assistants to their overly fussy little patients.

Abesamis Dental Clinic's front desk 
Watching Despicable Me at the clinic's waiting area
We prepped up the boy prior to coming to the clinic and he's prepped alright. He was even excited to come here after I told him about the play area and the LCD screen and the moving dental chair. When his turn came, he even said hi to the assistants, called Dr. Tanya "Nana" or ninang and climbed up the chair by himself. I was so proud and thought, wow this could be a lot easier than expected. But boy, was I wrong.

Our only photo inside the clinic
As soon as the light was turned on, he wailed! I was so embarrassed because he's crying pretty loud and got me worried that the other kids waiting outside might get scared. By this time, Dr. Tanya suggested we change positions. Hubby then took over holding Johan. He and Dr. Tanya then sat on chairs, knee on knee, facing each other, with Johan on hubby's lap and Johan's head on Dr. Tanya's lap. This way it was easier for the dentist to check Johan's teeth. I didn't take a picture while this was going on because I was too busy comforting the boy with words.

After the check-up, hubby stayed with Dr. Tanya to discuss the findings while Johan and I were brought to the play area.

Aren't the walls pretty?

Loving the slide

As expected, he loved the play area but spent most of his time going up and down the slide. We spent at least 15 minutes here until hubby arrived with Dr. Tanya to explain to me the findings. It appears that 10 of Johan's teeth need filling to stop the growth of cavities but in order for this to be done, Johan had to undergo conscious sedation. I am not that willing to have Johan sedated at his young age so I asked the dentist what other options we have. She explained that we can opt to do fluoride therapy every two months on Johan. Hubby and I both decided to talk about it and we'll just let Dr. Tanya know once we made up our minds on what our next step will be.

Ultimately, it was good visit. We now know the extent of damage on Johan's teeth and we're glad that there is still something we can do to stop it from spreading. I am happy that we came to Abesamis Dental Clinic because Dr. Tanya is very patient with Johan despite the screaming fits, she spent a pretty long time explaining to us the findings, the procedures that we can do, the costs and answered our questions truthfully.

Here are the contact details of Abesamis Dental Clinic. Look for Dr. Tanya Macapagal, she's really good with kids.

Abesamis Dental Clinic
4th Level, Festival Supermall
Alabang, Muntinlupa City. Philippines
Tel. (632) 771-2001
Clinic Hours: Mon – Sun : 10am – 7pm

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