Monday, June 29, 2009

Belated thank you's

Pardon me for not being able to thank everyone when I spoke at the end of our wedding reception. More than a month after, here are some thank you's to some of the well-deserving persons who made our wedding day extra special.

My Family - for supporting us all throughout. My Papa and Mama, for blessing our marriage and for accepting Deck into the family. My brothers and sisters, for always being there for us, even if we all live in different cities, they still took the time to share our special day. 

Deck's family - for understanding the reason behind us wanting a simple event. For my mother-in-law, in helping me with some of the wedding details, in supporting me when I'm getting irritated with her son from all the wedding stress. Thanks for accepting me as part of your family.

My all-time-favorite cousin - Ate Leslie - Thanks for all your help during the preps and on the wedding day itself. Thanks for all the sleepless nights and leaves from work just to get the wedding details done.  For the never-ending gift giving -  from the invites, the additional cupcakes and even my honeymoon bag. =)

Bong - Super thanks for the photo coverage, for being there for us during turbulent times and for being our mediator at times. :)

Deck's best buddies - Bong and Percy - Thanks for taking the time to take a leave from work just to attend our special day. Thanks for your never-ending support for Deck since childhood (Bong) and long after our college days (Percy).

Thanks everyone! May you all be eternally blessed for being the wonderful persons that you all are!

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