Wednesday, September 26, 2012


My new SSS Unified Multipurpose Identification System (UMID) card arrived today. I applied for it last January and though mine arrived earlier than most, I heard some had to wait for more than a year, eight months is still a long time to manufacture an ID card.

Anyway, what is the use of the new SSS UMID card? The UMID card is not only exclusive to SSS services but also to those from three other state institutions - Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth) and Home Development Mutual Fund. The UMID card has a microchip that stores the personal information of the member and can be easily retrieved using the fingerprint matching facilities located in various offices of the government agencies stated above.

According to SSS Vice President for Member Services Mario Sibucao:
"The UMID enables the four covered agencies to save costs, eliminate redundant identification systems and offer members a more secure and durable ID card that is tamper-proof, hard to fake and can last for up to 10 years.” 
I am just so glad that, finally, our government is gearing towards unifying our agencies and providing accessible means to getting our benefits and privileges that we so rightly deserve.

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